Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Care-Free Living

 The other day, as I was working on my daily tasks, I noticed that my cat, Lilli, was in perfect peace as she laid in the window bathing herself in the warmth of the sun. I thought to myself what a care-free life she has........ nothing to worry about~ everything she is in need of is taken care of by me.  

Oh what I would do to just have one day to be carefree from all worries.... absolutely not a care in this world. However, these thoughts brought to my rememberance the absolute truth in God's Word: "Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)."

God truly does care (LOVE) for us. You see, God never intended for us to carry all of life's cares and worries. That is why He sent His Son Jesus to die at Calvary ~ not just to redeem us from sin, but to give us a care-free life. Jesus' lasts words were "It is finished!" Everything we have need of, every care or concern was taken care of through the finished work on the Cross. Jesus took care of it all! (Thank You, Sweet Jesus)!

Because I chose to accept Jesus as my Savior, I too can have a care-free life.  It is up to me to let go of the cares of life and cast them on Him. As I am faithful to Lilli by making sure she has everything she needs, how much more faithful is God to me? We serve a big God who is more than able to take care of us. Why should I let anything burden me down when God's reality for me is to live victoriously and in His Perfect Peace?!